Certificate Course - GIS in Urban Planning

Certificate Course - GIS in Urban Planning

Certificate Course - GIS in Urban Planning


GIS in Urban Planning


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“Because the time needs smart urbanization not just urbanization”

Geographic Information Systems, GIS, is a one of the fastest evolving  technology involving the study of spatial (location) and non spatial  (attribute) data and relationships between them. Because the work of  urban planners fundamentally involves the study of location and spatial  relationships, thus employers are increasingly expecting urban planning  programs to possess a working knowledge of GIS.  
Our primary goal is to ensure that by completing the course the student  will possess the fundamental GIS skills valued by today’s employers.
The course strives to provide a balance between the "how-to" of using   GIS softwares and explain "why" the need of GIS by explaining the roles  GIS technology playing wonderful role in analyzing local and regional  (even global) problems.


  • Students of Planning  or related discipline(Planning and Architecture) with Basic computer  knowledge.  

  • Students of  Civil Engineering.

  • Working professionals in related field.


The curriculum is designed according to current industry standards.

  • GIS and its application in planning


After the completion of course the student will able to :-

  • Have in depth knowledge of map making.

  • Understand various Geoinformatic softwares, its tool and applications.

  • Work on Geospatial data and its analysis.

  • Handle GPS and collect GCPs.

  • Understand Remote Sensing techniques for collecting Remote Sensing data and work on it.

  • Have knowledge of Photogrammetry and LIDAR.

  • Work on 2D/3D drafting software.

  • Create Layers and generate on web.

  • Learn making project proposals and project execution.

  • Get placed in corporate MNC / Domestic organizations and also work as free lancer or get project of their own.


  • Registration Fee : Rs. 1500/-

  • Course Fee = INR 15,000/-.


GIS Analyst | GIS Engineer | GIS Project Manager | GIS Technician | GIS Associate | GIS Consultant | GIS Specialist


The curriculum is designed according to current industry standards.

  • What is GIS  - The Geographic approach to GIS, Types of GIS  application in urban planning. (Assignment 1- PPT presentation on GIS  and its applications in urban planning).

  • Projection and Georeferencing -Concept of location , Types of  coordinate systems, (Assignment- Assign perfect projection to dataset  given to you and change the projection). 

  • Understanding GIS data-Concept of  GIS data models,working with  tabular data, generating data from various queries. (Assignment- Prepare  a local area resource map focusing on formulating spatial questions  based on tabular data and location-based criteria such as containment,  proximity, and intersection. The process of conceptualizing and  executing spatial joins will also be covered). 

  • Managing, visualizing and displaying data - Map scale, displaying  data, methods of labeling (Assignment- Write a note on visualizing data  in GIS platform and the methods of doing this). 

  • Editing GIS Data - Finding errors in GIS data, method of editing the  error.(Assignment-  The student have to find out errors from the given  dataset, edit those errors and prepare a map of the rectified dataset).

  • Spatial analysis- Introduction to spatial problems, Spatial analysis  tools, Creating model in GIS software(Assignment- Find a suitable site  for opening a shopping mall in a given area using modeler).

  • Designing map layout- What is map layout, Creating a map layout,  Working with map elements (Assignment- Prepare a map layout for the  given dataset).   

  • WebGIS -Introduction to webGIS, Web mapping applications and webapps,  Sharing content in web, publishing map in web. (Assignment- Create a  web map). 

  • Micro project- Complete a project as per allotted by the instructor using all GIS techniques and publish the result on web.