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Certificate Course in GIS

Certificate Course in GIS


Rs. 15,000/-


1 Month

About the Course


A one-month GIS (Geographic Information Systems) training course is a short-term program designed to provide participants with fundamental knowledge and skills in the field of GIS. GIS is a technology that allows users to capture, analyze, interpret, and visualize geospatial data, making it valuable in a wide range of industries, including environmental science, urban planning, agriculture, and more.



Graduation (Completed or Persuing) or Higher Degree from any discipline (Science, Geography, Geology, Environment, Disaster Management, Engineering, Computer science, Planning and Architecture) with Basic computer knowledge.



The Duration of Course is 1 Month


Mode of Training

Classroom -Delhi/ Online -Live Classes with recordings / Hybrid Mode 



1. The basics of GIS and coordinate system

i. What is GIS

ii. Working with coordinate systems and their transformation.

iii. Spatial properties and distortion

iv. Understanding distortion

v. Tracing out ways to apply GIS

vi. Creating a base map for a local area

2. Understanding GIS data and data creation

i. GIS data types

ii. GIS data models

iii. Methods of obtaining GIS data.

iv. Accessing GIS data

v. Creating data.

vi. Choosing the best GIS data.

vii. Evaluating GIS data.

viii. Which data model fits better in planning and development?

ix. Working with tables.

x. Assignment- Join the given dataset with the spatial data.

3. Performing Analysis

i. What is Spatial Analysis

ii. Solving spatial problem using GIS

iii. Geoprocessing in analysis

iv. Assignment- Site suitability using vector data analysis.

4. 3D analysis

i. Understanding 3D analysis in GIS

ii. Performing 3D analysis using Digital Elevation Model(DEM) data

iii. Hydrological Analysis using DEM data

iv. Landform mapping in 3D

v. Assignment- Prepare a 3D map of available landform of the study area

5. Creating 3D virtual city using GIS

i. Understanding 3D mapping

ii. Overlaying various layers to get a 3D virtual city.

iii. Assignment- Prepare 3D layout of the given layers

6. Basics of Remote sensing

i. Understanding principles of RS

ii. Types of Remote sensing

iii. Working with different bands of satellite image.

iv. Assignment- Create the best band combination for urban studies.




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