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Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing

Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing


Rs. 35,000/-


6 Months

About the Course


A six-month Diploma in GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and Remote Sensing is a comprehensive program that offers in-depth training and practical experience in the field of geospatial technology and its applications. This diploma program is typically designed for individuals who want to acquire specialized knowledge and skills in GIS and remote sensing, which are widely used in various industries such as environmental science, urban planning, agriculture, disaster management, and more.

Diploma in GIS and Remote Sensing provides a more comprehensive and specialized education compared to shorter courses, making graduates well-prepared for careers in geospatial analysis, environmental monitoring, urban planning, and other related fields. It is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a solid foundation and practical skills in these technologies.



Graduation (Completed or Persuing) or Higher Degree from any discipline (Science, Geography, Geology, Environment, Disaster Management, Engineering, Computer science, Planning and Architecture) with Basic computer knowledge.



The Duration of Course is 6 Months 

(4 months Training and 2 Months internship)


Mode of Training

Classroom -Delhi/ Online -Live Classes with recordings / Hybrid Mode 



Unit 1 : Understanding GIS data and data creation

· GIS data type

· GIS data model

· Accessing GIS data

· Creating Data

· Evaluation of GIS data

· Working with attribute data

· Data exploration

Unit 2 : Spatial and 3D Analysis (GIS)

· What is spatial analysis

· Solving spatial problem using GIS

· Geo-processing and analysis

· Spatial data editing

· Spatial analysis

· Geo-statistical analysis - Spatial interpolation, AHP

· Understanding 3D analysis in GIS

· Performing 3D analysis using Digital Elevation Model (DEM) data

· Hydrological Analysis using DEM data

Unit 3 : Web GIS

· Concepts and principles

· Geospatial web services and mashups

· Introduction to Geo server

· Open Geospatial Consortium protocols - WFS, WMS, WCS & WPS

· Layer creation & Linkage

Unit 4 : Creating 3D virtual city (GIS)

· Understanding 3d mapping

· Overlay various layers to get a 3D virtual city

Unit 5 : Surveying and field work (GPS)

· Introduction to Surveying Techniques

· Classical and Modern Surveying techniques

· Fundamental of positioning system - GPS components (space segment, control segment and user segment)

· Application of GPS

· Field survey

Unit 6 : DBMS

· Introduction to DBMS

· DBMS file types

· SQL Query and Operators

Unit 11 : Remote Sensing (RS)

· Basic principals of remote sensing

· Electromagnetic spectrum

· Optical, thermal and microwave remote sensing

· Concept of sensor, platform and satellite

· Remote sensing satellites and data products

· Remote sensing data and correction

· Image interpretation

Unit 8 : Digital Image Processing (DIP)

· Understanding digital image

· Image enhancement

· Preprocessing and Post Processing of remote sensing data

· Image classification - Supervised, unsupervised and object based classification

· Accuracy assessment

· Change detection

· Data merging and GIS integration

Unit 11 : Digital Photogrammetry

· Aerial Photography - Geometric characteristic of aerial photographs

· Photogrammetry - Defination and development of photogrammetry, classification and uses of photogrammetry

· Photographic scale

· Working with aerial phototgraphs

· Ortho Photo Generation

· Creation of DEM/DTM

Unit 12 : Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging

· Fundamental of Lidar

· Types of Lidar (Airborne , Terrestrial and Mobile)

· Lidar data processing and classification

· Lidar Application and analysis

Unit 13 : Introduction to 2D/3D drafting software

· Introduction to drafting software

· Creation of data

· Data conversion in GIS software

Unit 14 : Project execution based on GIS

· Planning a project

· Implementation of Project

· Management of project



GIS Analyst | GIS Engineer | GIS Project Manager | GIS Technician | GIS Associate | GIS Consultant | GIS Specialist




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